Coyote Ugly Saloon License Program


General Information
Coyote Ugly Saloon, the most famous bar in the world, is expanding globally. Want to join us? We offer a license to utilize one of the most recognized trademarks in the world. We offer employee training and design and development assistance. We encourage you to arrange to visit our various sites in the US with your design and management team. No license will be issued until we have met with you and your team personally in the US. We schedule meetings in the US, more or less on a monthly basis, in order to meet with potential licensees.

Licenses will only be issued to operators who have proven hospitality experience in their requested territory and who have proven financial capability to develop a Saloon or Saloons. Click here and please fill out and submit this questionnaire, so we can better evaluate your experience and finances.

We are not offering territories in the US at this time. A territory is the non-US city you are interested in locating a Saloon in. We only allow one Saloon per city, unless you request permission to open another Saloon in your territory. Multiple city development is encouraged.

Real Estate/Sites
Sites should generally be located in major cities and in areas with major tourist foot traffic. Downtown "business" areas which tend to clear out after the business day has ended should be avoided. Street level sites are preferable. 4,000 to 8,000 square feet with a minimum of 13 foot high ceilings is preferable. Food is generally not served at Saloons, but can be if kept to a separate area away from the bar area. We do reserve the right to review and approve your real estate selection.

License Costs

Site Fee
There is a site fee due upon signing an agreement to secure exclusivity in your requested city. This fee varies from city to city, but will generally be between $50,000 and $200,000. There is a discount given for agreeing to develop multiple Saloons in multiple cities (i.e., 3 Saloons within a two year period).


  • 5% of gross sales from operations, not including sales of logo merchandise ($100,000 minimum/year)
  • 25% of gross sales from sales of logo merchandise

Development Costs
The costs relating to opening a Saloon are variable depending upon city and country. These costs, include, but are not limited to, design, construction, permits and licenses, fixturing, stocking, training employees, signage, POS, video surveillance and computer systems, marketing and opening costs. In our experience, the total cost to open a 4,000 square foot Saloon in a typical city in the US is usually under $500,000, but can be much higher (over $1,000,000) in certain circumstances. We recommend that you do your own research as to the various costs you will incur to open a Saloon in your city. You will need to submit to us for review and approval a business plan containing a detailed plan of estimated costs.

Your managers train with us for at least a 4- week period at Coyote Ugly Saloons in the US prior to opening. Managers must attend ongoing training for 2- week periods every year at Coyote Ugly Saloons in the US. Training sessions are at our cost. Travel, hotel, salaries for your managers and all expenses are your cost. We will send several trainers to your city for a couple of weeks before opening to help with your Coyote Ugly Girl Search and bartender hiring and training. Then have them stay for a week or two after opening. Obtaining the rights to use our choreographed dance routines can be negotiated directly with our choreographer, or you may engage your own choreographer at your cost and expense.

Email or call Jeff Wiseman at 845 534 2672 in the US (Eastern time zone).

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