Lil Spill

September 9, 2013

Stupid is as stupid does. Yesterday I went to the french quarter to watch the Saints game. After the game I was invited out by our national Redbull reps. My son had forgotten his bag in my car. I couldn’t leave the meeting so my son came and took my keys. At 11 pm when I was heading home I realize I have no car key or house key. Not the fucking day to have this shit happen. The movers will be here any second and I just got into my house. FUCK!


  1. Why did you pick San Diego to move to? They have hurricanes there as well. Don’t they??? Lol.

    Sherri from Oregon

  2. “Hey Mom can I have the car keys?” You better get used to it and have a backup plan. This request is only going to become more frequent.

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