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Brittany, Denver
October 2017

Brittany, Denver


Brittany has been with Coyote Ugly for almost 3 years now and has become one of our strongest Coyotes. She’s one of our head bartenders, as well as a dance captain. She’s got just the right amount of attitude and a pretty smile to go along with it. Brittany is what Coyote Ugly is about, a strong, determined woman who does what she wants. Oh yea, she also makes sure you leave here with a smile and memories!

Hometown: Denver

What’s the most fun about your job at Coyote Ugly?
Freedom of expression—whether it be through what we wear, how we dance, things we say on the mic, etc. This job gives you the ability to really just be yourself.

What makes you a good Coyote?
I think I’m a good Coyote, because I genuinely enjoy my job and always have fun at work.

How long have you been a bartender?
3 years

What do you like to do on your off time?
I’m addicted to DIY projects.

What is your favorite type of music?
Pretty big fan of EDM and anything Beyonce

Do you think the movie is anything like the real thing?
Not really…

Why should a potential customer come and visit you?
Because everyone needs to experience Coyote at least once. It may or may not be for you, but you won’t know until you see for yourself!

Do you have any advice for women who want to be a Coyote?
Don’t be afraid to look silly. Oh, and be prepared for lots of unexplained bruises, lol. xo