Lil Spill

April 22, 2018

I love Steve for honoring our bet . Packers versus Saints . Big win for Saints ( this happened months ago ). Happy Anniversary to Denver and Tampa .

This has just made my day. I spent 3 hours at the airport waiting on a delayed flight . Now back home . This made a lousy day tolerable !


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Steve in Denver

Jessie Cash

Hey Lil, My name is Jessie and I was the head bartender/ floor manager of the Boston Coyote. I recently wasin the Nashville Coyote and had a girl named Roslyn ( I believe, it was something like that) she just transfered from the Texas one. It was my cousins 21st birthday. She was AWESOME!! We went in about 3/4pm and she was rocking the house... just wanted to give some props.. I miss my Boston Bar terribly. Just wanted to pass along how awesome she was..


Hi,. Strange to find myself writing to you today.Don't know if you rember me, It was a monumental day In your life and every one involved. I opened the doors to Coyote Ugly Saloon for the first time.Yes I was there to even get rid of the fire marshal and the police.I am that kid that made things better "the doctor" Dances With Wolves Theresia