Lil Spill

March 9, 2018

Winner: Coyote Ugly Saloon Internation women’s day franchise ! Outstanding. Something so important to me.  I forget sometimes what an impact Coyote has had on many young women’s lives. this was such a heart felt award. Thank YOU!!

I went to Denver. Renovating the bar. I am going to Nola. That will be to much fun. Guiness 5 k challenge followed by the anniversary party . 16 years!!! Then in a couple of week I head to Reykavjik and Manchester. Busy busy busy.

Today my son’s school got a gun threat. We received a letter talking about various safety drills etc. Super scary. And No I do not want to arm the teachers. That’s absolutely ridiculous. I try not to speak politics. But this is crazy.

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Donna Stewart

Dear Lil, I want to thank you for your inspiration for women. I would like to share with you that there is a group of women here in Keene, NH who are rejecting the fact that we are aging seniors, aches & pains included, are planning a trip to your bar in June. I have already spoken with Pauline. I can't wait to party with my friends there. We are all young at heart and so far, I am the oldest going. I'm just a 63 year young, hippie, loving, person who still likes to play. Safe travels. Thanks again for making me feel Young.