This is a great lesson: Don’t eat blow fish or raw horse meat while traveling. I have had this unusual eye sensitivity called Iritis. I have been to eye doctors. They sent me to rheumatologist . Now back to my regular doctor.  He made me take a comprehensive parasite test. It appears I don’t have 1 parasite but multiple. You have really hit rock bottom when you are having to save your own feces for 3 days then you walk that feces to Fedex. Tip your fedex guys!

Heading to NYC on Friday. Big 25 year anniversary

5 days with 2 trips of 19 hours each to Fukouka Japan. Great city. Smaller then Tokyo. Cleaner as well. Flooded with tourists from Thailand, Korea, and China. The girl search had beautiful women. There is a ethnic mix. These girl were curvy with beautiful skin and hair. Really really pretty.

A lot going on right now. I am trying to catch up and feel some calm.  

I love this article I saw today. “Vikings fans flood Saints punter’s foundation with donations” 
Nice after being so devastated at the Saints loss. I was in my hotel room in Japan with my computer streaming the game. I couldn’t help screaming most of the second half. Mostly for joy until the end.

Read this. NUTS: Gun, ammo, and surveillance equipment found in vehicle of man jailed as FDLE looks into what he was doing at bank

I have been awful about blogging last year. So much going on but social media has taken over the marketing of most brands. I will try to be more conscientious about the Lil Spill. New Years Eve was down for all the bars. Snow has engulfed most of the states. But I live in San Diego and its in the 70s today. Heading to Fukouka Japan next week to hire staff. It’s going to be a busy year.