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November 27, 2017

Liverpool staff hired! Great city . Fun staff . Dancers , singers , trouble makers . A city of close talkers . First day it was unnerving . “ back up , you are in my personal space .”  I said to one girl “ personal space please “! . My god . Yesterday this spanish girl was so close to me while speaking , in my mind I thought , my god she’s going to kiss me .

I can imagine there are plenty of awkward moments when some guy thinks he has the right to lean in and kiss you because your body language confused him ( or her).

Cold cold . San Diego here I come !

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November 27, 2017

Quite a weekend in Liverpool . Fun group of girls . Dancers , singers , troublemakers . One girl showed up for finals completely hammered . “ dude I can smell your whisky breathe from a mile away .”  A city filled with “ close talkers “. First day it was almost unnerving .  Do you really have to be two inches from my face to speak to me ? I actually had to tell one girl “ back up you are in my personal space . At the finals a spanish girl was inches away speaking to me . In my mind I was thinking  “ my god , she’s going to try and make out with me “.

Liverpool is a great city . . Much more cosmopolitan then I was expecting .

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November 22, 2017

God Save the Queen ! On flight now to Liverpool . This week has been a borage of negative . There has been Peeing, yelling, general bull that has been the daily dialogue .

I want to give a thanks to everyone in Coyote Land . I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished . Missing my son on Thanksgiving but he hopefully knows how much Mom loves him !

Happy Thanksgiving

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November 15, 2017

I have been awful with the Lil Spill . I know ! The college hunt has taken over my life and my ex husband’s life . My poor kid . I have done all the research . I know the rankings of schools . The percentage of kids from a particular school that get into high end grad schools . I then research travel time from San Diego . With this and of course his grades . I have our list together . He has his favorites. We applied to those . His dad has pushed and pushed for rewrites on the kid’s essay . It’s all consuming . First 6 applications in ! Let the games begin .

Heading to Nashville . Big 13 year anniversary

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November 6, 2017

This just made me laugh so hard ! Lee filmed and produced Chantel and I doing a bartending teaching video .

Jeff is on a rampage today . SD is the Bar that yet again screwed up .

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November 3, 2017

Eerily quiet the last couple of days. Bars did really well for the halloween week. I am taking a very long breathe before starting all this international travel. I hit Nashville for a couple of days in a few weeks. That’s really all I have right now.

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