Lil Spill

October 9, 2017


Emergency averted ! New Orleans Bar is fine . The New Orleanians  thought hurricane Nate ( tropical storm Nate ) was just a rainy day . Thank god ! Dodged a bullet . Last night I get a text message from an OKC regular complaining about service . I spoke with Amber the manager . This morning he sends me another message . “ oh sorry , I am in San Antonio”. Sorry Amber !

Tommy and I had a great day on Saturday . We ran the Pacific Beach Fest 5k . Beach running is super hard by the way . Then we went to the beer garden to drink our complimentary beers and listen to Santana style music . Great great day ! Thank you Tommy .

Last night Jackson and I went to see IT . So fun . The kid will be 18 at the end of the month . Honestly since we can’t go back , I will now embrace our future . Love that kid .

A few more wonderful pictures from my birthday . Also my back up Rubber pants outfit for my birthday came in Saturday . As I struggled to get them on I had a flashback from college . I texted my friend Joyce “ did I try to wear a rubber dress in college ?” She sent a loud YES as Confirmation that I was just as nuts then as I am now !



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Mama Terri

Who said there is a certain age when you need to change how you dress? We all should be so lucky to look as good as Lil does at her age! She works out and takes care of her body so I say she can dress how she wants!

Sherri McFadden

Hi Lil. Now that you are beautiful 50 year-old how about dressing a little more age appropriate. Just a thought.