So saddened by the catastrophe going on in Houston and the outlying areas. None of the Coyote bars have had damage. But we spoke yesterday about waiting out the next few days then heading to Houston to Volunteer.

Busy week in Coyote U land. Heading to Daytona for the opening on Thursday. So exciting

Hurricane Harvey didn’t hit us but the flooding is devastating . Austin and San Antonio having hurricane parties . The New Orleans bar happens to be on the highest point in all of New Orleans ( cool fact I learned during Katrina ). But I am sure there will be a lot of flooding in nola . Good positives thoughts for all the people who will get a direct hit .

I read this article this morning . Warms my heart and shows that a company can positively address the need for diversity .

Coyote Ugly Daytona opening on Thursday ! That’s going to be a wild one ! I am turning 50 in 1 month ! When did this happen ? How ? My body is falling apart . I did a triathlon about a month ago and I have been injured ever since . My only goal was to be able to wear a thong on my birthday because I was SO FIT that I could pull it off . Well the dream is slipping away .

So proud of my sister and her husband . So much hard work that their company is getting a lot of recognition .  Mom and dad would be proud !

I absolutely Love this woman. Good for her . I bet she gets more men then I did when I was on Tinder.

Nashville is rocking! No jinx. Wow . Bam, Mamma needs to send kid to college next year!

Two day recovery from the Napa bonding trip! We are flying in a chef/cook to rework the SD Coyote menu. I am weirdly excited about this.  As a health nut, it would make my day to have more items accessible for my consumption. I went in last week, god bless her heart, Elvira was practicing with tofu. ” Hey I will eat Tofu.” But the frying wasn’t ideal. Move over fried food let’s start grilling . ( The fried Tofu was actually delicious).

Dawn from NYC !

Going through the calendar proofs . So much work . I can already feel Lee disagreeing with me before it even happens . ” Lil as far as layout is concerned the picture with her right thumb flexed makes more sense for that month .”  15 years and I know Lee like a book . Let the fighting begin .

My son hashis senior pictures today ! Time flies .

What a great time in Napa with some of the crew . These races have really helped with team building . So much fun . Three high points of the trip . 1. Davis Estates , Bounty Hunter , and the actual Water to Wine 10k. Kevin was in rare form .

When did NYU change their sport nomenclature ? When I went to NYU we were the Violets ( pathetic . Hence no real sports tradition). I am watching Chopped, the cooking show . They are doing a college contest . The girl from NYU screams ” go Bobcats ” . When the F did that happen ?

Kevin , Lizzie , Justin and I are heading to Napa for a 10k this weekend .  SD hot water heater broken . Dinesti rushing to get the bar back open . I told Jackson what was going on . ” sorry mom . Just remember I have my future ahead of me unlike you . So just bask in my happiness .” lol my fault . I think we joked way too much when he was young