Lil Spill

April 21, 2017

Fighting Fifty! My new motto . About two weeks ago I noticed that I have a new wrinkle that is close to my mouth. Fine , who cares ? It’s  a wrinkle . But when I drink red wine , I get a purple mark in this wrinkle . I am disgusted . I wanted to age gracefully . My body is on point . I am a feminist . I want to be emotionally cool with my body maturing . That all sounds nice but now the fight is on . I will not give up red wine and I will not walk around with a purple line around my mouth . I am still in my forties but this will break me . ” ok Doc , fix this . I don’t give a F*** what you have to use to fill this line ! “. I will fight fifty with all my might !

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I met you in person, even sampled food and drinks on the patio in San Diego with you, Lou and Di! You are beautiful just the way you are, really! PS fillers are not surgery, just inject and go. More power to you!

Ashley Boerst

You should open a Coyote Ugly in Green Bay, Wisconsin! I was just in Nashville and had an amazing time at coyote I even danced on the bar! I use to dance in high school a and was going to go to college for dance so that made my whole weekend! Thanks so much! Great group of girls you have there!


Wow funnest day in Coyote in years I'm told yo still.


Lil it is your management's issue to not have songs they don't want played on the jukebox. It isn't for your customers to pay and have songs skipped. I for one think it is steeling to charge foe items not produces.

Sherri McFadden

Lil please do not start getting facial surgery at any age! These women that do this do not realize or do not want to admit that by doing so many surgeries on their faces they look soooooo much older. They look skanky and like a caricature of their former selves! Sherri from Oregon