Lil Spill

February 21, 2017

” Better to look good then live great. ”  My ex-husband’s motto. Tonight is his birthday. Big 51. And we were discussing the people who have aged well and the ones not as fortunate. My ex-husband looks pretty good. He’s in great shape and looks young. He rarely drinks. He will  go 8 months without a beer to prove to himself he doesn’t need one. He works out every day. And if it wasn’t for my son he would have nearly no interaction with other human beings. But again , he looks good!  ” Liliana ,you look good. You don’t need a happier life. ” I need to make a t-shirt with something like that. “Skimp on happiness binge on looks”  . ” A little less living and a lot better looking”. It needs work but I find it funny.

Bars rocked this weekend. Congrats all the bars for such hard work on the national charity event . Good job.

Went college scouting with my son to Reed College, U of Washington, and Whitman College. He seems to like the smaller schools. My criteria: Has to be a direct flight and the school has to be well renowned. ” Plus universe if he could get a scholarship , I would appreciate it.” .

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Lil - not sure of his interests, but University of Richmond has a great business school, is small and has a beautiful safe campus.