Lil Spill

January 5, 2017

I just came upon this article.   “Mom Says Delta Asked Her to Leave First Class Seat Because Her 9-Month Old Baby Was Crying”.  I have traveled many times with Jackson when he was an infant. Thank god I could give him a boob to help soothe him. I felt awful when I couldn’t soother him and I knew the crying was annoying others. ( and when he was an infant we flew only coach. ) Now that being said , it took me years of working and traveling to start getting upgraded. I get upgraded and then I spot an infant in close proximity to my seat. This is what I think ” Please universe let that baby sleep the whole way!!” ” Did they have to pay for an extra ticket or did they just get to bring him/her for free?’ Sometimes I want to say to the parents ” ok let me walk the baby up and down the aisle to calm him/her so he stops crying.” It’s unnerving.

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