Lil Spill

August 25, 2016

” Why is Jeff the lawyer writing operation responses to our new partners in Japan?” Quick answer : he’s going on vacation again and this is his way of pushing us on his schedule.

Denver and NYC rocked last night!! Very very pleased. Lee is editing the 2017 bikini calendar. It’s not necessarily a style I love but it will be an interesting change. He is putting a lot of work into this. I said yesterday if this  doesn’t sell significantly more  then the previous years perhaps we should go back to the “less work” calendar.

” Lil can I put my bunnies in your back yard for 3 days. I promise you will have no responsibility. ” My response ” Is this what they call fringe? A parallel universe where I live alone with my 6 cats and want to save all the animals ? ” ( I would love to save animals but in a broader sense) .

CVS: Junkie waiting by the prescription counter. I could spot him from a mile away. I waited 5 minutes after he left to start walking home. He was smart and quickly walked around the block to intersect me. The minute I saw him I turned away and headed right to starbucks. I still have my NYC sense. I saw it in his eyes he knew that I knew what he was thinking.  Unfortunately there will be another CVS customer who might not be so lucky.

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One of my favorite people in the world is in NYC visiting, I hope she is safe and enjoys herself, NYC can be a crazy place. As for the calendar I know several of the girls who were chosen for the shoot, I am sure the calendar will be a hit.