Lil Spill

August 13, 2016

Red Dress Run in New Orleans. Not only did Daniel ,our Director of Operations , enter the race but he decided to pierce his ears to match the dress!!! God I wish I was there.

It’s been a pressure cooker with work. Things are getting  busy and 3 corporate employees are on vacation. I gave corporate bonuses and Daniel sent me a text ” see how morale goes up when you give out bonuses.” My response was ” Morale seems pretty high without bonuses considering 3 people are on vacation.” Jeff is literally always on vacation. Half his emails and calls come from remote places. Lee always whines ” I am so overworked I need a vacation.” Then Juston ” How the hell is the new guy on a 2 week vacation ?” Well life is about to get very very busy.

September 14th/15 opening Bishkek. Hopefully October 12th opening Cardiff, Wales. November/December  opening Fort Worth, and a mid December opening Tokyo.   Fort Worth has been a grueling process. Hopefully we can speed things up.

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