Lil Spill

April 14, 2016

This article is so full of Bullshit.   It claims I am flying over to Wales with Liz Gilbert my head bartender. Liz hasn’t worked for me for 20 years. My god she is probably in her mid to late 40s now. Yes she wrote Eat , Pray, Love. Yes she worked at the NYC bar. BUT 20 YEARS ago!!  Annoys me they wrote something so idiotic.

I  don’t buy it. Nashville is really understaffed. I do not believe they are trying to recruit bartenders the way they should. Go out! Put up signs everywhere. Dance studios, the gym, colleges, starbucks. Dinesti told me today that they used to set up a booth at the mall and recruit. So set up a damn booth! No doubt I will get an email tomorrow. ” Lil we really are doing all those things.” But are you doing them every week?  Are you sending the girls out to do it? Are you giving incentive to staff if they can also recruit?  We have a ton of weapons in our arsenal if we implement them.  (Daniel was not happy with OKC either. )  Memphis in May, Rot Rally, Fanfare. We are about to go into overdrive with huge events. So we need more girls and security as well.



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If you need mohawked idiots to do odds and ends, Please let me know LOL

Mike vito

I agree with you on that Jim.

Mike vito

I Agree with you on that Jeanna.


Lil a shout out to the nola staff for always making it a fun time.


If you hadnt screwed over some of your best bartenders during the "ultimate Coyote challenges" you would still have those triple threat Coyotes to continue your mayhem.


Rumors always are flying at Coyote, its worse than middle school.


I feel your pain on incorrect information. I deal with that daily, between rumors and incorrect information it is time consuming to just set the record straight.