Lil Spill

November 11, 2015

New Orleans was of course fun. Jazz and Matthew pulled out all the stops for my friend’s daughter’s 21 st birthday party. It’s not a real 21st birthday if you don’t get to shave someone’s head and write on it with sharpie!

The weekend was jam packed meeting friends. I ate a lot of food . And drank a lot of wine. A lot of wine. The highlight of my trip was meeting this high school student .  I help sponsor her tuition for school. What a wonderful girl  and she will be a wonderful woman . Even with adversity this young girl has a GPA of 4.14. Incredible. I hope she can find her way in life to a better more secure place.

Thank you San Antonio, Denver, and San Diego for doing well last night. Everyone else was mediocre . The New Orleans staff is pretty darn good. Attractive, hardworking, funning. I don’t get why the bar is struggling. They need to get more aggressive about bringing new people in. The numbers at that bar are not reflecting how strong the staff is. How hard is it to write on your Facebook ” Come see me at work tonight?” or go out and hand out BOGO cards to new people? Really how hard? Ok heading to SD bar to help with a new dance.

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