Lil Spill

October 30, 2015

Fantasy fest! Tonight is our glow party! Crossing my fingers it goes well. The staff is sending me totally lame pictures so I am sorry that I have not posted anything good.

Zoe is a teenager that I help with high school in New Orleans. She wrote me a letter that I received today. She is a sophomore in high school and she has a 4.14 GPA. I am so so proud of her. 4.14 and she is in all honors classes!!! Jackson has all As right now but I don’t think his GPA is that high. I am grateful today for Zoe. Just receiving her letter made my day. Thank you.

By the way, I got new glasses and I actually can read this. My gratitude also goes to Dr. Wong. Thank you because I can actually read and write now.


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Now this is something they need to do in NYC! Way too lame there lately.