Lil Spill

May 9, 2015

Oklahoma got hit hard this week by tornados. The Coyote in OKC is putting together a charity event. There is something that scares me with tornedos. A hurricane gives you a lot of notice. Sometimes upwards of 5 days. but there is virtually no notice for a tornado.

Today the SD staff is doing a fun Wipeout run. I was supposed to go but I have been up since 4 vomitting. I made 2 packets of miracle noodles for myself. Miracle Noodles are made from Water, glucomannan (soluble fiber), and calcium. Zero calories. I feel awful.

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Liliana Lovell

Whisky and chicken soup!

Patrick Grant

Theres your problem, there is no chicken in that soup. How do you expect to get better. You need chicken noodle soup, buttered roll and hot whiskey drinks, the soups for you and the hot whisky is to kick the crap of the little buggers that got you down.

Sherri McFadden

Feel better

Sherri McFadden

Lil, for heaven's sakes. Lighten up all this miracle crap food and home remedies and fly by night remedies that eventually can do harm to you. What are you thinking.