Lil Spill

April 30, 2015

OK I am starting to recover from our staff meetings. Fun. So nice to work a little and have fun a lot. Great photoshoot. And great progress in some policy changes!! I am truly awed by how great my corporate staff is. I truly love all of them.

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Tom, I feel your pain, I have had similar experiences at other Coyote's, the regulars probably make up 50% of the Coyote business, cause 5% or less of the trouble, yet are the ones most ridiculed by staff. I am told by management at times what music to play, where I should sit or how many shots I need to buy for the bartenders (not that I listen). Last I saw I am a customer, not an employee to be managed.


I agree with Frank. As a previous regular at the nyc location for 14 years, I must say that the bar has gone so far downhill, I rarely even go to Coyote anymore. Several of us ex-regulars now go to another bar where the music is all rock and country. Many of us are also tired of the three bouncers (which aren't needed for such a small location) constantly bumping us out of the way and watching us like hawks as if we are a "problem". The new place we hang out now only has one friendly bouncer on premise who minds his own business and doesn't bother anyone. You basically lost all of your regulars at the NYC location due to annoying/harassing bouncers and terrible pop/rap music always playing. Major changes need to happen to bring back our business.


Good luck on the policy changes. As a regular at Coyote, I have heard about a bunch of the corporate policies. My thoughts are there are currently too many. So, I suggest less is more.