Lil Spill

December 14, 2014

Yesterday was the Santa 5k run in Pacific Beach San Diego. I found out about it only in the morning. I went into Jackson’s room and said ” Hey it’s the Santa 5k. Do you want to do the run with me?” Jackson looking super excited ” Mom that sounds so fun. Wow I would.. then a long long pause NOT like to run it. hahaha” I give him an A for delivery. I met a few triathlon friends. One of my friends ran as a guide to this wonderful blind woman. She’s done 2 sprint triathlons and a full marathon. She uses a guide to make sure about directions and obstacles. Her and I spoke the whole run and I realized that I was a touch better then her and that would be a perfect fit if I was a guide. After I got home I signed Jackson and I up to volunteer for the Challenged Athletes program. Hopefully we get accepted. This woman’s boyfriend is an A tier athlete. He’s also blind. He qualified for the Boston marathon with a time of just a little over 3 hours. that’s unbelievable. She told me that they have to use men riding bikes to help guide him because there aren’t many volunteers able to keep pace with him. Crazy.
Wow this morning I woke up to the bars rocking on Saturday!!! Nothing better then reading the logs when the numbers are so good. I was disappointed that the NY Santa Crawl got confined to Midtown ( due to protesting) but at least the bar had a normal Saturday night.
Sometimes a lot of great is tempered with a tad of Horrific. The Memphis log was definitely Horrific. I may stop into the SD bar today .

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