Lil Spill

October 24, 2014

My head is pounding!! I blame Justin the new guy. What I remember ,well, is going to dinner , eating and having some wine. What is fuzzy is the shots of Coyote Ugly Whiskey back at the bar . I did 38 push ups and lost a bet to Mac. I danced on the bar to get girls dancing. As I am writing this I remember laying on some guys back while he did pushups. ( I think). ” Justin you better find international licensees because right now you are not my favorite person.”
NOVEMBER 1ST starts the SD bar’s challenge to get fit. Whoever loses the most weight and gets the most fit wins cash. I don’t really have to lose weight but I will try for the 6 pack. ” Let’s do it. Dinesti NO BREAD!”

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I also like toast.


The NOLA bar is open as always!

Joseph Armond

Hi Lil, I was told by my daughter that the New Orleans Coyte bar was closed now. Is this true. Jay/ gonzales, la


Ahh Lil, that sounds like a perfect night at Coyote. Don't remember what you had to drink or where you were. Then you have to wait for your credit card bill to see how big your bar tab was. That is classic coyote.


That's my curse too. I love eating bread. Dont mind making it as well.