Lil Spill

September 23, 2014

Thank you universe for having such a great group of people around me for the Coyote Ugly Manager’s Seminar. Daniel has really put together an incredible learning presentation. So Nice to have our Russian licensees here. Really I am so happy to be surrounded with such good, kind, hard working people.
I heard some great stories yesterday. At the Kiev Bar which unfortunately is in a war torn country the BMF’s have to check weapons at the door. Some guy actually came in and checked a live grenade. I can’t imagine having to hold a grenade for someone but also give it back to the person once they are finished drinking. Just crazy. Still a bit rough around the edges from the Half Ironman. I was afraid to ride a bike before this . Now my bike will sit in the kinetic trainer for a long time!

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Kiev is kinda mad. ID gets checked at door then you're given a bodysearch before you reach the cloakroom (also no jackets allowed in bar). Easy to beat the q - just get there before 10pm. Crazy, but totally understandable. Not stopping me though, back to Kiev for a (very) long weekend on Wednesday...!


My bad love.


I personally live Jasmine dearly your Gm in nola. Miss her while she is away.