Lil Spill

July 16, 2014

Bam San Diego, San Antonio , and Denver! I love waking up on a Wednesday and seeing those numbers.
A few months ago I bought a Sunnto Triathlon watch. I use the heart rate monitor when I do the treadmill, elliptical, kinetic bike trainer. ( can’t figure out how to get the watch to log in miles with indoor machines) . I also track my runs and swim with the watch . A few weeks ago I realized that when I plug it into my computer it creates a public site that people can view. I have 5 followers. I decided to look at what my followers are doing as their workouts. Oh god, these people do full iron mans as a pre breakfast workout. It’s embarrassing. My goal is to find the regular people and start following them. ( 1 guy has run 700 miles in the day 30 days. F insane)

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Simonia MeChelle

This is an amazing story HoneyChild! Im a blackjack dealer by trade & I wanna be a Coyote Ugly dancer gal in Memphis Tn. & Transfer/ Las Vegas. You Rock!Awesome success story!!!


Just like to say, odd how the hole world recently & collectively pointed their finger at the Poo Tin as the maker of the mess.


If Mr. Ironman does a full ironman workout before breakfast then he obviously needs a good woman.