Lil Spill

May 6, 2014

My gratitude goes out to Kevin today. He has built the “new” NYC bar in his garage. I told him I wanted to be closed as little as possible so why not build the new bar offsite? So cool. I am trying to get him to take a picture. So many people have asked for a small piece of the bar as a remembrance so we were thinking of bringing it to Atlanta and having him make frames from the wood as souvenirs.
So last night as I writhed in pain from another procedure I decided to text the doctor and say no more. It’s been such a weight off my shoulders knowing I don’t have to go back for anymore of these surgeries. This morning the nurse called me and said ” Lil its only a few more procedures lets schedule you.” My response verbatim ” I would rather tattoo my eyelids then get anymore procedures.” It was so freeing. Hopefully by weekend I will be able to get back to my normal routine.
Ready for our move to SD.

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You should see if you could "season" the new bar somehow. Call me weird, but I love when I walk into a bar and I smell the aroma of years of alcohol that have soaked into a wooden bar. Am I the only One? :)