Lil Spill

September 5, 2013

I hate moving! We have to be out of my house( soon to be someone else’s house) by Monday. I rented a furnished 2 bedroom apartment as a layover until we move to San Diego. I just want to get rid of everything. My assistant Judy keeps telling me to stop selling things. The only things I want to keep are Jackson’s old books and toys , photos, art work, and our life size man getting electrocuted.
Judy ” liliana you want to sell your brand new sofa but keep the electric chair.”
Me: ” I love the electric chair!”
Yesterday I sorted through my clothes . The real estate agent was a bit shocked when I opened the door in a tiny leather mini skirt. It was from a million years ago . I wore it on a morning tv show whike being interviewed about the Coyote Ugly movie. Man it was tight but I was finally able to zipper it. ” Judy keeping the leather mini skirt.”

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Lil, I believe major changes in management are needed for your NYC location. Although bartenders are generally great, the jukebox hardly plays any country or rock anymore. The bouncers, especially Kevin, enjoy flirting/dancing with the female patrons rather than watching the door. They also comstantly shove patrons out of the way to wipe off a bar that is already dry. There's also still a health dept grade pending sign in the window which scares a lot of people away I have noticed from my cigarette breaks. I love Coyote, but I just wanted you to be aware why numbers are so low at your nyc location while all the surrounding bars are packed. I hope it can be made great again like it was before. Management and bouncers need to be changed in my opinion.


Hey Lil who was the girl from Nashville who was on the coyote ugly show she won and was actually in the Nashville coyote ugly bar in 2007? I met her but cannot remember who she was. I remember her playing devil went down to Georgia on a fiddle. She had blonde hair. Thanks and about to go enjoy the Memphis coyote here soon!


Lilianna you have the wit to set up and succesfully run a very interesting organization. In my mind you have made a wize sellection of things to keep. Jane is righttoo! You can buy couched anywhere but when was the last time you went down to Walmart's memory bar and got a pound of memories?

Jane Seton

You can get couches anywhere. You cannot get a life-sized man in an electric chair anywhere. Good call; that kind of reasoning is why you are where you are today. The world sees couches, you see electric chairs!