Lil Spill

August 31, 2013

Milwaukee is on fire! Should be fun tomorrow. I get in early afternoon .
Walgreens had a beer tasting yesterday. Pabst Blue Ribbon! You know you are having a good day when you are walking around Walgreens with a cup of Pabst inside your brand new Pabst Koozie!
Tahnee has been invited to the Community Board meetings in NYC. This is a trap. Oh god memories of those miserable meetings keep flooding back. I remember getting yelled at by some residents . ” you should conduct your business like the bar across the street!” The bar across the street was a bar called Downtown Beirut. Downtown Beirut was the most awesome, seedy, punk, dirty, dive bar in the east village. One of those places that people walk in but never walk out. You could have night vision goggles and still not be able to see inside Downtown Beirut. The backround noise was the music of the NY Dolls, Psychedelic Furs, Iggy Pop. When you walked into Downtown Beirut there should of been a waiver warning of the likelihood of contracting a communicable disease. What a great bar. ” sir not sure that I am prepared to conduct my business like that of Downtown Beirut’s.” lol memories.
Bought the Clip in pedals for my bicycle. I pulled a “Daniel ” the first time I tried to stop. I clipped out on the left side and in slow motion I fell over on the right side. Not a damn thing I could do to stop the bike from falling with my foot clipped into the pedals. Lol

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Hello Liliana. Most glad you run your bars as you do . BUT 1 grumble. Your bars are fun to be in. As I have wandered this world I like to feel at home in a CU. So why oh why did you open St. Petersburg the day aftar I left that city? Grumble!