Lil Spill

June 24, 2013

All is right with the world when my son is back home. When I saw him walk up to me at the airport I immediately recognized his pure joy. Joy for being back home and joy for being able to tell his dad and I all of his exploits on his adventure at camp. While I noticed that he was possibly the greasiest, dirtiest kid in the airport , I also noticed as I leaned in for a hug that there were objects in his hair only grown in petri dishes. yuck. ” Jackson those can’t be your shorts . They don’t even fit you.” ” I know mom, I dropped my bag in the lake the first day and borrowed these shorts.” ” Jackson you wore those shorts for 2 weeks straight.” ” Yes” I am triple washing all of his clothes. Everything is so disgusting . I can’t get the mildew smell out of anything. All worth the happiness he has in him and the happiness that is back in our house. I love my little boy.

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You and Jackson are so lucky to have each other. There are kids (and probably mums) out there who are starving for a relationship like yours.