Lil Spill

June 19, 2013

Went to the gym. Bam! Went and got coffee. Bam. Checked my emails and walked straight into a mirrored wall. Bang!!!! I can’t be cool all day. This man walking toward me and this woman walking behind me both lowered there heads after I smacked into the wall. I swear they were more embarrassed then me. I just started laughing. Its the moments of vulnerability that keep you humble.
I am waiting for Lee to show up and and show me some of the photographers images from the shoot. This was a great experience but it was a ton of work moving to so many locations especially in such heat. It was over a 100 degrees both days. I feel so dehydrated.
I feel a glass of wine is in order.
Tomorrow I will be at the OKC bar!!!

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Just make sure it is the OKC bar and not KFC. There is a difference.