Lil Spill

May 27, 2013

Why the F.. did I look at the race results? I know I can get better at the bike and run. My coach said to me yesterday ” you hired me two weeks ago. We practiced the crawl ( swimming) for two weeks. You went in the water, freaked out, and did the breast stroke. Did it occur to you that your time would stink?” OK fine. But I didn’t drown. Now I have to do another one just so my results aren’t in the bottom quarter of the competitors.
This will sound mean and I will apologize for this before I say it. At half marathons and 10ks there are a lot of people who show up that just want to walk. Usually they are out of shape but they get their friends together and join the program. ( Its excellent that they are doing it even if they walk). I was expecting a similar occurrence at yesterday’s triathlon. When I got there and saw all of these people who looked like models from fitness magazines, I realized ” shit I am the out of shape one.” I leaned over to Ben , the coach,( Yes I know this is mean and I am sorry) ” where are the slackers who will make me feel good about myself?” his response went something like this ” perhaps you need to find another sport.” OK thats it. I have to lose fat. ( I am fucking colombian god damn it. I was predestined to have fat thighs). I will train harder. My goal is to come in at around the 50% of people who compete. I think that is realistic.
San Antonio rocked last night. GO NY, Memphis, OKC, and Denver!!
happy Memorial day to all


  1. You need to stop this obsession you have about running races AND putting yourself down!!! You are a beautiful woman because you are Columbian and your body is wonderful so stop all this nonsense.

    Sherri from Oregon

  2. Hi Lil – again I say “Hi Champ! Congratulations on being a WINNER (where in the winner pecking order you came doesn’t matter)” At 65 I can agree that fat to thighs is where it starts BUT ocean swimming isn’t like pool swimming. In my youth I did some time as an ocean beach life guard. At the start of each season we did a qualifying swim hauling a buoyant 60lb weight through the water for 800yds. This is what you are probably up against. Last is not defeat, not competing is! – Hi Champ!

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