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Lil Spill

May 22, 2013

Natural disaster doesn’t stop the OKC bar. They had a decent night last night . Daniel is trying to put together a national Coyote Ugly Charity drive for the OKC victims . I owe the staff a night out. Thinking I will go there next Wednesday and take them to the steakhouse next door to the bar .
I received my wetsuit today . On the rental form you have to write down your body type. I put Full figured. I just tried it on and tight is an understatement . Perhaps there should be a box entitled FULLER figure . It’s probably supposed to be that tight but it took me 5 minutes to get it off . I know that it’s supposed to be removed quickly so you can jump on the bike. They give you a bottle of Astro glide. I thought Astro Glide was a sex lubricant ? Lol well where the f do I put this Astro Glide for the suit ?

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  1. 1. You’re a loving boss.
    2. How about a pic of you wearing it and we can all judge it’s fit. And
    3. I wont describe what I’m thinking.

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