Lil Spill

May 20, 2013

Woke up today and went straight to my manager’s logs to find out if the staff in OKC was alright. I was shocked to see that they actually had a decent night. The Dalai Lama said that natural disasters do not discriminate by race, religion, or socio economic status. He’s correct. I will wait today to make sure our staff is safe and secure. I have a fear of tornedos. Not enough warning before a tornedo happens.
My life has taken a 180. I spent years worrying about what I ate. In youth I would count calories, worry about carbs and stay free of anything that could possibly cause weight gain. Now I spend countless hours researching food that can provide me with energy to go further in these damn races. Nothing seems to work. I have tried complex carbs like quinoa and oatmeal. I have tried to get pre enrgy shakes and powders. I have tried energy bars as well. The only common thread is that when I eat anything 2 hours or less before working out I feel sluggish. Sunday the Triathlon starts at 6:30 am. I am going to need to wake up at around 3:30 to ingest something so I can perform at an acceptable level. Urgh.
Other issue. I am severely sea sick. I have gone snorkeling with my son and thrown up in the water from only moderate waves. Friday is my first ever open water swim practice. I had this horrible vision of swimming and throwing up simultaneously. Fuck it, I will do this thing even if I am wiping vomit out of my hair for days.

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Lil I’ve been thinking about what Sherri said. The Dalai Lama, Budda, Jesus and many others have pointed out the curative effect of inner quietness. Yuhdi Menuin, great violinist of last century used yoga before performing. Look at Evgenia Kanavia’s, Russia’s 2 time RG winner, little focusing trick before performing, my need to pee before competitive swimming. Read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The power of Now’, do some Yoga, sit and read a good book and calm your anxious self down.

Sherri McFadden

Geeze Lil, just use your common sense. Don't get caught up in all the hype on what foods to eat. As far as The Dalai Lama goes, I had to laugh. He really said "natural disasters don't discriminate....really???? People paid money to hear that!!! Again, that is common sense!!! Sherri from Oregon