Lil Spill

May 11, 2013

The girls in Key West were much better then I expected considering its a newish bar. Really impressed. Bar needs some tweaks. I am hoping by the next time I go there the changes I requested are done. ” Kevin why doesn’t the Freaking outside sign light up?” Urgh “lil the historic commission still hasnt given us the OK for the actual lighting of the sign. ” you are fucking kidding me!
Tonight I took my son and his best friend to sushi for his friend’s birthday. This is the one kid that has been part of our household since they were 4. After sushi Gabe requested Yogurtland for dessert. While we were there I looked down and Gabe barely had any toppings on his yogurt. Dude its your birthday. ” Miss Lil, I know we will go running with you tomorrow and I didn’t want you to add on extra miles if I put too many toppings on.” Oh dear lord, I have inadvertently fucked up his friend too. Crap.
Well Jackson won the PE award for the most pushups without a break. He did 60. So some of this insanity is paying off.

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