Lil Spill

April 15, 2013

Memphis rocked this weekend. I will be in Memphis on Sunday for the anniversary party. The Memphis anniversary party is always very fun. Need to catch up on my work emails and then heading to Nashville. Need to do something special with Jackson because I have taken too many trips. I will figure out something awesome for this Saturday.
After the Tough Mudder Kevin came up to me and said ” Lil you may have found your calling. I want you to be on my team for the relay race from Miami to Key West.” Wow coming from Kevin who does marathons, I felt very appreciative. So the series is called the Ragnar Relay. You have either a team of 11 or a team of 6 ( doing two legs versus one). The route is approximately 200 miles. Each member of the team runs alone completing a leg then handing off to the next team member. You run day through night. Sounds fun. I want to get 9 members of the Key West bar to join us. Of course ending in a huge party at the Key West Coyote Ugly! Its not till February so everyone has plenty of time to train. I can’t believe I am already thinking about this race and another Tough Mudder considering I can barely walk from Saturday’s competition.

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