Lil Spill

February 21, 2013

Jackson told his dad and I tonight that 2 kids in his class had become loan sharks. They would ask for 50% interest on every loan. ( yes they got caught). Jackson’s dad said ” are they big?” No. “Then who is the muscle? ” There is none , they are small geeky kids. Of course Jackson’s dad said ” Jackson borrow money then don’t pay it back . What can they do?” Of course I added, then you can become the muscle and take 50% of their earnings. My son wasn’t into the idea. Thank god he’s better then us. Lol
His dad was in rare form telling stories of growing up in Queens . Jumping turnstyles. Getting into fights. Being mased then gouging some kids eyes out. Jackson was horrified. ” jackson you didn’t get the hot head that your dad had when he was younger. ” ” mom I am fast I can run away.” Good plan.

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