Lil Spill

February 3, 2013

I try not to root for one bar over the other unless its a special event or on the weird chance that I am the manager on duty at one of the bars , but yesterday I was rooting for New Orleans to crush everyone . Bam , they did! San Antonio came close but not close enough! Lol
New Orleans is only 2000 sq feet. San Antonio is sitting at 6500 sq feet. Excellent job.
Thank God because I was fuming mad at Ernie after Friday night so he has not completely gotten back in my good graces but he’s inching his way there.
Heading to the bar around 2 pm. Should be fun in the French quarter today.
The other night I met a couple . The husband is the managing partner for Emeril’s restaurants. He told me that Friday night they had to turn away Paul McCartney and his entourage because they had 900 covers . ” really? Put a table together in the kitchen” turn down Paul McCartnry? Unbelievable. One of the New Orleans investors was reminding me that one of our girls 11 years ago gave a bodyshot to Jeff Garcia . I remember LL Cool J looking gorgeous . Rock solid body. I will find out today if anyone good came to the bar.

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