Lil Spill

December 5, 2012

” So , what your saying is that paying down my credit card bills to zero every month is hurting my credit?” Unfucking believable. My flight is delayed. Been sitting at the New Orleans airport for hours. Excited to go to Nashville.
The US Embassy in India sent us some possible investors. My understanding is that they have a program to promote Indian investments into American companies. Pretty cool.
Last week a friend brought up a song To me. The song is called America by Deuce. It’s so powerful that I am thinking of doing a choreographed number to it. But it’s really political in nature so I am worried about the implications of the lyrics. We are an international company now. I have listened to the song a hundred times and there is one line that just bugs me. I don’t know . I have to think about it.
No jinx but LA and NY renewal are moving forward.
Kevin called me today whining about his medication making him loopy. ” dude you have been shit faced drunk the last few times I have seen you . How is it any different?” Poor Kevin. Well in honor of you, I think I might get shit faced drunk tonight. Feeling restless. Hanging out with my girls tonight.

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