Lil Spill

October 29, 2012

Now I have to worry about the NY bar. Well we didn’t lose power last night. The bar actually did pretty well. Let’s see what happens today. Now that I have been through so many hurricanes, I realize that the news is not an accurate description of the truth.
Jackson and I went with his friend to The House of Shock in New Orleans. Its a haunted house. Before you enter they do a live stage show. This man did a routine where he drives a nail up his nose, followed by a drill bit. The grossest part of this performance was when he shoved a condom up his nose and pulled it out of his mouth. The condom was bloody and mucusy. Gross. But we had fun. Jackson and his friend were scared. Jackson leaned over to me. ” Mom I am scared shitless.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Its 50 degrees in New Orleans. My heat doesn’t work. I am wearing a sweatshirt and scarf in my house. Feeling very lazy today.

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