Lil Spill

August 25, 2012

Hurricane Isaac. Holy shit! As stores are boarding up their windows and doors, we have actually gotten some girls who applied for the Key West bar! I hired 8 girls so far. Hey we are stuck in Key West during a hurricane we might as well do our jobs. “So girls if you aren’t in lockdown at your homes feel free to come into the bar and apply. ” Hurricane Isaac cant stop Coyote Ugly. I think we proved that with Katrina!
Kevin just went to buy a generator . I have already named the bartop as my sleeping place. Hot damn.
By the way Kevin used a Brazilian Walnut for the bar top. It is the absolutely the most beautiful bartop we have in all the locations. Unfortunately the base of the bar is god awful. lol
Grateful to Steve Wherry because if I am going to be sleeping in a Coyote during a hurricane , he’s the guy I want with me to baton down the hatches. I am also grateful to Lee. A freaking hurricane and his marketing has still brought in people! Also to Kevin. He has motivated our corporate team to exercise. He has everyone running and training everyday. But I am the most grateful to him for the fact that with all of his working out, my stomach is still much flatter!

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