Lil Spill

August 20, 2012

So I accompanied my son on his first date. I told him that I know he’s embarrassed now but he has got to remember that most people go to the movies or bowling but this little girl asked him to go to the Cage Fights. That’s a memory I will always have. LOL There were quite a few fights that night. All of them ending quickly with either a knockout or some bloody mess. During an intermission they had 4 year old kids cage fighting. Really disturbing. Child services should be called. ” mom he has the kid in a half nelson.” Really creepy. It was the same feeling as I get when I see those documentaries about the white supremacists making their kids hate everyone. Yuck.
Toward the end of the night some random guy asked me out. I politely declined. I leaned to Jackson and said ” I still got it” His response ” yes mom you have It but could you not use It here” lol
I am grateful to Katie in New Orleans. We are working on some new dances today and I am very excited.

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