Lil Spill

March 31, 2012

Got home after 11pm yesterday. Slept 5 hours and woke up for the 10k run. That doubled the furthest I have ever run. It’s a whole different world with the 10k competitors and the 5 k competitors. In the 5 k races there are plenty of people who walk most of the way. It’s just a fun day out for them. In the 10k race everyone is a real runner. Even when you want to walk you feel stupid because everyone is running so you can’t walk. I am slow, real real slow. I am always at the back of the pack. But at mile 2 people started walking so I passed them by ( 5k people used the same path only we did it two times around instead of one). I was feeling good about myself after mile 3 because I was in the middle of the pack but the middle of the pack in a 5 k is the back of the pack in a 10k. When the 5 k people finished and i made the turn to continue i realized I was almost dead last for 10kers . Well, I ran the whole thing and finished so I feel very accomplished. ( my foot is killing me)
That ended at 9:15am. Rushed home showered then off to Jackson’s school fair and he had to work a booth til 330. Now trying to find a passport photo shop. Cvs was not working and I now have twenty minutes to get this done!
Jackson was in the front to middle of the pack until about 5 miles. He really slowed down after that but for a 12 year old he beat some men. Trey ended up passing Jackson after mile 5. Pretty good since Jackson was really far ahead.

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