Lil Spill

March 29, 2012

“Lil can I go to dinner with you and Marsha” “No Kevin” “Why Lil” “because it’s girls night and you are unable to speak about anything other then the military and republican propaganda”
I then sent him a text. IF we allow you to meet us , these are the allowed topics . 1. Shoes2. Bags 3. Wrinkles 4. Cellulite 5. The Voice 6. Home decor
Topics you are not allowed to talk about
1. Military 2. Fox news 3. Work 4. Military on fox news
We didn’t invite him and he called me at midnight. ” did you know Daniel likes Santorum?” so he went out with Daniel and spoke all night about politics and the military. ” Kevin , maybe once in a while ask about other peoples interests. ” ( I couldn’t be more embarrassed that Daniel likes Santorum) ” dude you get paid by empowering women. Don’t you think there’s a conflict there?”
Denver anniversary tonight!

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