Lil Spill

March 19, 2012

Hot Damn the bars did freaking incredible this weekend! Holla St Patty’s day. Two years in a row that the Milwaukee police closed down Water street after midnight. We lost 4 hours of revenue! At least the bar did very well before that.
On a serious note, I woke up today thinking that I thought at my age I would have my life in better order. Business is great but personally, I thought I would be married. Thats not on the horizon. I thought that I would have a foundation around me that gave me the emotional support I needed. Jackson’s growing up and giving me less attention. I have nothing personally on the horizon that may be permanent. Its scary to wake up alone and see no light at the end of the tunnel. My whole world has been Jackson and Coyote. No balance. Last time I tried therapy, I came with a list of things that I wanted to say but not dwell on. The therapist said ” I can see that you are result driven but perhaps you need to understand some of the things in your life to proceed.” So the next week I came with another list of things I thought we could talk about that day. Again, I was told ” perhaps one session isn’t enough to really speak about these things.” Well that was my last visit. I proceeded to buy a pen ( nano wand) that you wave around your chakras to help your energy hoping to take a shortcut. But low and behold it didn’t really work . ( I AM NOT JOKING. I STILL HAVE IT. I SLEEP WITH IT SOMETIMES. LOL) . Wow talking helps I am actually laughing right now.

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