Lil Spill

March 9, 2012

If you read the news lately, some Mormons have been posthumously( after death) baptizing Holocaust victims and other non mormon people. Believing that they will not get into heaven unless they are mormons. ( so nice of them to baptise these people into Mormonism after death. I guess the changes of conversion into this silly religion becomes much higher post mortem.) Recently a famous jewish Noble laureate Elie Wiesel was listed as a person of possible post death mormon baptism as well as the very famous jewish reporter Daniel Pearl. Well Elie is still alive and was outraged because he has no interest in being a Mormon. Daniel Pearl’s parents wrote a very beautiful letter to make sure that their deceased son was not baptized Mormon.
Just nuts. I love Stephen Colbert’s reaction to this;
“Still others view the practice as nothing short of laughable and have made a mockery of what Latter-day Saints view as sacrosanct. The website “All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay” lets users enter the name of a dead Mormon and click the “Convert!” button to make them gay. Comedian Stephen Colbert responded on his show by slicing off the tips of hot dogs, thereby proxy-circumcising dead Mormons to make them Jewish.”
Yes Romney admits that he has done this post humous baptism practice. Yes americans . Think very hard before you vote.

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