Lil Spill

February 5, 2011

206 girls showed up for the girl search in Milwaukeeon a Friday. We still have Saturday left. I freaking love these girls. It’s 9 degrees outside and Half of them showed up in daisy Duke shorts! I heard some great stories I also heard some bullshit stories. First time ever I had a woman apply who is a hypnotist in her other job. She actually hypnotized someone. I videotaped it so I will post it soon. I heard about a naked volleyball job. Some very funny stuff.
The negative stuff: my parents pay for my apartment. I got married ten years ago so I don’t work. ” my parents help me but they don’t pay for my nails or hair” you are fucking kidding me?
Good day
I seemed to stump most of them with the easiest bar tending questions .

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