Today is the actual 18 year anniversary of the NY bar. God I am old. Jacqui has worked for me for 20 years. 2 extra years when I managed the old Village Idiot. Fuck we are old. But proud. Not many people can say that they stay open in NYC that long.
We are pushing back the NY anniversary party til early March because of the Milwaukee opening in 2 weeks. Just too much going on. I would love to have old NYC regulars write me and tell me their favorite stories of the NY bar. I bet I have forgotten more then I remember.

“mom the woman on Fear Factor had a camera on her head. What is that called?” ” Jackson it’s called a helmet cam” Jacksons comment: ” I call it the boob cam cause every time she looks down we see right down her shirt” . I am trying my hardest to raise Jackson with respect for women but a comment like that makes me realize puberty is coming and I need to brace myself.
Just watched the State of the Union speech. I thought it was excellent. Lets hope the government can accomplish all of this .
I watched the speech afterwards by a prominent republican. His speech spoke about how republicans save money. And they don’t believe in spending. Really, am I nuts or hasn’t the republican stand been that spending helps increase jobs?

Jack LaLanne died . So sad. An American icon For health and an entrepreneurial mogul.
So glad the Jets lost. I can’t stand when teams are that cocky.
A lot going on behind the scenes in Coyote land. A few foolish decisions can effect your whole future!

Austin anniversary last night. Last week Chantel mentioned a choreographed dance that we did years ago. I called Jacqui and told her to put it back in rotation with the Austin girls. Wow they looked so hot doing that song. Freaking awesome.
” Lil I really wanted to meet you. You have been a true inspiration and that inspiration motivated me to do a rip off bar of Coyote. Unfortunately it only stayed open for 6 months”
What do you say to that? Un fucking believable.

Sitting at Biffalo Wing Wings in the Houston airport. Heading to Austin. I think it’s the 7 or 8 year anniversary tomorrow. I am drinking a Shiner Bock. It’s freezing cold and my teeth don’t hurt . I am so happy.
I have a lot going on. All of a sudden we have 3/4 new potential coyote spots. We met last week with a company that is possibly going to produce Coyote Ugly Whiskey and Wine for us.
Yesterday I was speaking with someone . In passing she told me an idea she had. I thought about this idea all night. I am freaking on fire with ideas about this! Hopefully by next year she will be on the cover of Inc Magazine as entrepreneur of the year and I will be in the background cashing my huge dividend checks!

I almost choked I laughed so hard after reading this email Chantel wrote to the managers.
Okay all,
Since I am receiving some of your receipts for reimbursement I thought I
might reiterate what was said in the seminar that we all just left a few
days ago. Submitting receipts for coffee and snacks and rockstar will not
be reimbursed. However food receipts and cab fares and luggage checks
will. So if you send in receipts with Rock star and mentos on them and
notice that the check you receive back is a less than what you thought,
well that’s because I am glad that you had energy and fresh breath,
however we will not pay for you to achieve that.

Sorry guys that I felt like shit and didn’t really go out in Vegas. If it’s any consolation, I had two more root canals this morning. 3 root canals in one week. I love getting older. It’s just awesome. Jackson has 102 fever. He was so glad I got home yesterday. Everyone needs there momma. I heard that the pussy manager Mac ( maybe Ernie) from Memphis had to throw up during the end if the seminar. ” don’t try to hang with the big boys . No one will think less of you if you stick with water. Lol

We are having our annual managers seminar in Vegas ! Yesterday went well. I really enjoyed the manager’s presentations. Some very good ideas. Last night jeff and I had meetings back to back. We got back to Harrah’s at 10:30. We both played one shoe of blackjack. I won $600! Holla
I love that. Today’s seminar should be very interesting.

I have been waiting all day to hear how the Lauderdale anniversary party went. No word from Daniel. The only explanation I have for that is that he and some of the guys closed the bar then headed to the strip club Scarlet’s. That’s what I would put my money on. Maybe he is still there. Or maybe one of the scarlet girls rolled him and he is stuck! Lol

The F t Lauderdale anniversary is tonight. I was supposed to be on the 9 am flight but I postponed till 5 cause something is not right with my freaking mouth. I made an emergency appointment with Mr 6’2. I am not like this usually but I am seriously depressed. It’s all coming down on me today. I have got to stop this pity party! Did I also say that my dad’s really sick and I just got two huge tax bills! I am not allowed to chew ( not joking) so fuck it before my appointment I am heading to the ice cream palor ( oh forgot that anything cold causes excruciating pain) fuck. Tomorrow will be a better day

Ok showed up for my root canal. Sweatpants, no makeup, just miserable . Guys named Dr George Arch. I was expecting a 60 + dentist. Well the Dr comes in and introduces himself. Freaking 6’2″ gorgeous. I couldn’t look more unattractive . Well now hours later the throbbing is gone but I still have a sensation of infection! Please god, Allah, Buddha , Oprah let this go away!

I want to kill myself. I am getting a fucking root canal tomorrow! I have been so miserable . It reminds me of the scene in the movie Castaway where Tom Hanks has to take his own tooth out by hammering an ice skate blade into his mouth!
Bars are sucking this week!

Definitely Creepy!
What is going on in Arkansas? First we learn of the death of thousands of black birds in Beebe, and then comes the news that thousands of dead fish have washed ashore a river near Ozark.
Experts believe that since all of the estimated 100,000 fish found dead were a single species of fish–the drum fish–they likely perished from some type of disease. “If it was from a pollutant, it would have affected all of the fish, not just drum fish,” explained Keith Stephens of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

The fish were first discovered Thursday night–a day before the bodies of birds began littering the streets of Beebe–yet the news has just begun to make headlines.
(More on See cinematic visions of the apocalypse)
Reportedly, so-called “fish kills” such as this aren’t uncommon, though in light of the apocalypse-like phenomenon of dead birds dropping from the sky, the whole story makes for a definite creep-fest. (via CNN)

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Hot damn the bars have done so well this week! God I love New Year’s Eve! Went to Belize.the water is gorgeous but there is a ton of trash on the beaches. That was sad. I went snorkling and as I looked down there was a shark swimming underneath me. I almost choked. The guide told us that they were nurse sharks so they weren’t dangerous. Sorry but it looked exactly like the sharks on shark week so I freaked for a second.
Ok let’s get back to work