Lil Spill

June 13, 2010

Hot damn to Nashville during Fanfare and Austin during Rot Rally! So nice to see those numbers! I hope the girls made money as well. Last night I went into the new Orleans bar. The loyal girls are overworked. Same girls always working. The lack of energy was apparent. They were just going through the motions last night. We need 3 new superstars and jazz and Marianna need to take a couple weeks off to recharge their batteries.
Vegas: ” I am in the process of patenting a new toilet bowl seat.” ” I have a napkin that turns into a coozie. But it doesn’t keep the beer cold.” two days of those kinds of people. I looked forward to my Vegas trip for weeks. I knew I had meetings scheduled during the days but I was excited to gamble and have fun at night. The first night I was excited to go to dinner in my new Dolce and Gabana dress reduced from $1100 to $300. Well I was having a great time with lee when the manager of the restaurant bumped into me knocking red wine all over my dress. The guy wasn’t even apologetic . I finished dinner and ran to my room to make sure the dress got dry cleaned. Hence lousy first night. Second night I had a migraine and canceled all my night plans. So that’s it. All work no play! One week till Hoka Hey

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