Lil Spill

June 7, 2010

I went to Pensacola yesterday. The beaches were beautiful and still opened . I didn’t see any oil and the EPA tested the water and said it was fine. Now the interesting part. Trey and I were sitting in our beach chairs just talking. A woman probably 8 months pregnant parked herself with her friends next to us. I would out her somewhere in her 30s. Once she was seated she got herself a cigarette and lit up. Trey and I watched her in disgust. I said to him ” $10 bet that she opens up a beer for herself “. Well about 15 minutes later she opened up a beer for herself while she was On her 3rd cigarette. That is what white trash is. She then started throwing up and she said to her friend ” I wonder if that’s because I got stoned last night?” Trey just kept saying to me ” littlin’ do not say anything. Honey look at her ! Even 8 months pregnant she would kick your ass. That girl has been rode hard and put up wet!” regardless I can’t stoo thinking about it. That’s one big reason I believe in abortion. Poor baby, his or her life is over before it begins!

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