Lil Spill

May 17, 2010

Memphis!!! Awesome weekend!! I love that!! All the bars did well except Lauderdale and Denver. Denver is so fickle. Its the only bar that does not really do significantly better on weekends then weekdays.
We have been working on a deal involving London. As we get more involved with the possible licensees I realize they really have no idea the power of Coyote Ugly. Do you know how much merch we sell? There is no way London can have a Coyote Ugly without a substantial merch store. That is just stupid.
Jeff and I are heading to Mexico this week to meet with our possible Cancun landlord. A lot going on!!
I was in Pensacola this weekend and as we drank coffee in the early morning we saw between 15 and 20 Dolphin swimming right in front of us. So beautiful. I was awed by nature at that moment but also I felt fear for them with this oil spill

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