Lil Spill

May 4, 2010

Zombie’s log

No managers log tonight so here’s the flood report.

Looks like we made it. While the Cumberland River is still way, way over flood
status at 51 feet, the water has dropped a foot and a half overnight and receeded
back across the street, stopping shy at our very backdoor at it’s highest point.

Props to our entire security staff, whom all took time out of their night to show
up and hang out for a few hours (off the clock no less) for potential cleanup. We
all were awaiting the worst when the water was at our doorstep, but luckily it
didn’t come to that.

The only thing that can screw us now is if they release more water from the dams
upstream, which is unlikely at this point.

There is no clear word on if we can open this morning. While there is no damage
there also may be no electricity or water. The power is off everywhere downtown
from our building down. Metro said it could go in and out at any time all day while
they make repairs.

So even though it sucks we couldn’t open yesterday, it is an incredible bullet
dodged that the water stopped literally 3 inches from our door. It was an amazing
sight to see how close we came to being washed out like the rest of the block.
We’ll be back up and running as soon as the city gets it’s shit together.

P.S. – Security also ran up an $84 bar tab, so at least we made some money last


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