Lil Spill

February 1, 2010

Last week Jackson’s school did a charity drive for the people in Haiti. I was in Austin at the time so I thought his dad took care of it. This morning I asked Jackson what he and his dad did for the charity event. ” Nothing . Dad forgot.” Well then I went on to say ” Jackson you are 1o years old. Do you know how fortunate you are and how unfortunate the people in Haiti are? …” This went on for awhile. Now I feel stupid because the school doesn’t know I was away. Well we will have to make up for it. Someone asked me recently why people are doing so much for another country? I think there are a few reasons. 1. we are all people on this planet regardless of citizenship. 2. I think there is some Katrina shame. Because are own government didn’t do enough for the city of New orleans ( or gulf states) and 3. We are lucky here. In the US we have resources other countries don’t have. Watching the news and hearing the stories really makes me want to adopt a child. Jackson and I have been speaking about it recently. He is alright with it as long as its a girl so that he remains the prince of the house!

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